Diabetes Care is now available to support you through your journey

With the plethora of information available online, it can be somewhat overwhelming if you or a member of your family has recently been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Fortunately, it can be much easier to source information and receive advice on the topic thanks to the launch of Diabetes Care.

A free, holistic resource, Diabetes Care offers face-to-face access to specialist diabetes advisors as well as online and physical resources to help you learn about and manage your condition.

How can Diabetes Care support me?

A number of pharmacies nationwide are now dedicated Diabetes Care stores where you can talk one-on-one with a specialist diabetes advisor. Our advisors have received expert training to help provide you with tailored advice and guidance, in particular focusing on the key topics of health and wellness, diet and lifestyle and precautionary measures and actions

In addition, you’ll find a helpful range of diabetes-related resources in store including blood glucose monitoring machines, testing kits and a range of take-away information, coupled with a dedicated space featuring holistic and wellness products designed to support you along your journey.

Further, you can now access a wealth of information and expert advice on Type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes right here on the Diabetes Care website. Topics range from informative pieces to help you understand your condition, right through to exercise, nutrition tips and more. The Diabetes Care online expert panel includes specialists in diet and nutrition, exercise physiology and podiatry, as well as pharmacists and diabetes educators.

Can I get tested for diabetes at a Diabetes Care Specialist Store?

While only a GP can diagnose you correctly, Diabetes Care specialist stores may offer a HbA1c pinprick test which can tell you within six minutes if your blood glucose levels warrant a referral to your GP. Patients must first complete the AUSD risk assessment questionnaire to see if their risk factors are high enough to justify taking the test.   Find out more about Type 2 diabetes risk factors.

What kind of products can I find in a Diabetes Care store?

Your GP will prescribe you medication to manage your diabetes, however, you can ask your Diabetes Advisor to recommend a range of complementary products, depending on your individual circumstances and needs. Learn which products can help you manage common diabetes complications such as dry or itchy skin, cracked heels, corns or poor wound healing, and find out which supplements can help you to maintain a healthy metabolic function, promote eye health and more.

How can I find my nearest Diabetes Care specialist store?

Use our Locate a Pharmacy map to find a specialist store closest to you.


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