5 Fun Exercise Starters for Adults

Stress. That sneaky S-word that can not only play with your emotions but trigger a sudden rise in blood sugar levels.

Living with pre-diabetes or diabetes can be a constant balancing act. Between daily glucose monitoring, doctors’ visits, and medication management on top of your regular work, family and social commitments, diet and exercise can be the card that collapsed the tower.

While most people look to exercise to help tone up, getting your body moving can also have wider benefits to your health including giving you greater mental clarity and helping to reduce stress.

In fact, exercise has been shown to lower levels of stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) in the body while boosting production of endorphins which are known to elevate mood and serve as ‘natural painkillers’. Interestingly, endorphins are also responsible for the feelings of optimism and relaxation you feel after a work-out – more reason to find something you love doing to keep active.

So why not skip the traditional gym routine and let off some steam with these five fun and stress-busting workouts that will leave you energised and wanting more?

1. Adventure Parks for Adults

Do you remember the wind in your hair and the freedom you felt when you took to the air on the family trampoline or swung from hand-to-hand on the school play gym? Lauded as a full body workout, without the pressure of a gym, there is now a range of adventure parks for adults (and kids). Challenge yourself, improve your balance, use muscles you didn’t know you had and promote cardiovascular fitness all the while having an undeniably good time!

Some of our favourites include:

2. Indoor Rock Climbing 

There’s something about a wall dotted with coloured hand-holds that inspires people to reach beyond their limits. Feel your body stretch and trust the strength of your arms and legs to go all the way. After a few sessions, you’ll notice a difference in your endurance, cardiovascular fitness and overall body strength.

The best part about Indoor Rock Climbing is that trained guides are on hand to help get you started, plus – you can do it at any time!

3. Walking Photography Tour

Learn how to capture professional quality photos while racking up your daily step count with a walking photography tour. Most capital cities host day and night walking photography courses offering a great way to explore your own city plus make some new friends in the process.

We recommend:

4. Zumba

The Colombian dance sensation that is sweeping almost every first world nation on the planet, Zumba is for people who like to dance but don’t consider themselves dancers, combining substance, sweat and sweet moves. Inclusive of everybody and anybody, people are invited to move their bodies along to the hottest Top 50 hits and a few genre stalwarts in order to build tone, improve fitness and have fun.

5. Reformer Pilates

Gaining popularity over the last few years, reformer pilates classes are a fantastic all-over body workout to help improve overall strength, flexibility, coordination and balance – not to mention they can also have a calming effect on the mind!

Using your body weight and springs as resistance, classes usually last around 45 minutes and comprise a range of controlled, flowing movement to tone your muscles (including your core) and help keep your body supple. As you become stronger, your skeletal structure will become healthier and your posture improves because you are more aware of how you hold your body throughout the day.

Google ‘reformer pilates’ for a location near you.

Not sure if our ideas are for you? That’s okay. It’s important to find an activity that you find fun, so get as creative as you like! If you do decide to go ahead with one or two of our suggestions, remember to go at your own pace, and as always, speak to your doctor before embarking on any new exercise resume.


Finding time in the day to squeeze in some exercise can feel like an impossible task, and leaving your desk at lunch is unheard of in most office environment...
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