Inspo-gram: Inspirational Health and Fitness Instagram Accounts

Spending time on social media might seem counterproductive when you’ve got meals to prep and exercise to tick off the to-do-list. However, have you considered that following certain Instagram accounts might actually give you the healthy dose of inspiration you’ve been looking for?

In fact, at just the scroll of a finger there are countless healthy recipes and work-out tips from people all over the world. Here, we’ve pulled together our ten favourite Instagrammers that actively promote health and wellness through healthy everyday recipes and easy exercise routines you can try at home. Be sure to speak to your Dietitian or Exercise Physiologist about tailoring these to your individual needs – and to best manage your health, don’t forget to monitor your blood glucose levels when trying new exercises or recipes.

1. Kevin from @FitMenCook

Fit Men Cook is dedicated to the guys out there who want healthy recipes that will keep them feeling full, without having to go without their favourite comfort meals. Kevin shares his recipes for everything from burgers to brownies, with a healthy twist of course.

Why follow him: Quick and easy recipes explained through video and food that is tried and tested for sustenance

2. Nicola from @The__unrefined

The Unrefined aims to share recipes that nourish both the body and the mind. After discovering a link between sugar and both poor physical and mental, Nicola set out to create easy, healthy recipes that her followers can recreate at home.

Why follow her: Her personal connection to eating nourishing, whole foods, easy recipes that can be made at home and raw dessert recipes where you won’t miss the sugar

3. Dave Ellevsen @Thehealthytradie

Just your average Australian tradie proving that it’s easy to eat healthy. Sharing his recipes in all their I-just-took-this-and-didn’t-even-filter-it-glory, Dane takes the pressure out of changing up your diet.

Why follow him: For his down-to-earth attitude to healthy eating, home-made recipes minus the swanky photography

4. Kim @4ingredients

Can’t cook? Forgot to go to the grocery store? Never fear, Kim McCosker knows your pain – which is why she invented the 4ingredients cook book to save you time and money, utilising those leftover ingredients in the fridge. With the majority of dishes focussed around health (without having to visit your health food store), Kim makes eating nutritious meals a piece of sugar-free-cake. Did you know she’s even produced a diabetes specific version of 4 Ingredients and you can find some of her recipes here?

Why follow her: easy recipes, cheap home-cooked meals

5. Brett Hoebel @Bretthoebel

One of The Biggest Loser’s American trainers, Brett Hoebel, uses his Instagram account to make you feel like you’ve got your very own PT (without the price tag). Brett’s shares a mixture of work-out-at-home exercises and motivational quotes bound to get you feeling inspired.

Why follow him: His try-at-home exercise demonstrations through video, motivational quotes to keep you going

6. Jamie Oliver @Jamieoliver

He may not spring to mind as a holistic health nut, by everyone’s favourite TV chef is passionate about nutritious food. Sharing an array of recipes daily, many of which can be whipped up in a hurry after work or before rushing out the door in the morning – Jamie uses his Instagram to provide plenty of inspiration for healthy eating.

Why follow him: For nutritious meal ideas with direct links through to his website for the recipe, his authentic content that shows he’s passionate about healthy home-cooked food

7. Joe Wicks @Thebodycoach

Joe’s Instagram boasts healthy recipes and high intensity interval training exercises but with a twist; he uses video to demonstrate how to achieve them. Whether he’s showing fans how to execute the perfect lunge or how to whip up a meal, his short and informative content on both fitness and nutrition has earned him a cult following!

Why follow him: For nutrition and exercise tips in the one central location, step-by-step video demonstrations that are easy to replicate at home

8. Tanya Poppett @Achieving_balance

You’re going to love Tanya Poppett, but you also might just hate her…because she’s going to make you sweat! The good news is that all her exercises can be done at home with no equipment required, with her popular work-outs taking less than 20 minutes to execute. Using a mix of video and imagery, Tanya inspires with her ‘no excuses’ exercise tips.

Why follow her: Quick and easy exercise videos that can be achieved at home, high intensity exercises for the time-poor

9. Kayla Itsines @Kayla_itsines

This list wouldn’t be complete without Australia’s queen of 7 minute workouts.  As her names suggests, Kayla really is the ‘it’ girl of fitness and healthy eating – inspiring over 5 million everyday people with her Instagram account.

Why follow her: Motivational pictures and inspirational quotes, workout tips, healthy recipes


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