World Diabetes Day 2016

Held on 14 November 2016, World Diabetes Day (WDD) encourages individuals and diabetes member associations to hold and participate in awareness-raising events and activities. This year’s theme, Eyes on Diabetes, emphasises the importance of screening, early diagnosis and treatment to reduce the risk of serious complications and prevent the onset of the condition. The goal of this year’s event is to achieve one million individual screenings recorded on the WDD website during the month of November.

The impact of diabetes around the world

Type 2 diabetes is a global issue, affecting more than 415 million adults across the world. It’s also becoming more prevalent with each passing year, with experts predicting it will affect one in every ten adults globally by the year 2040.

This places a major burden on the world’s health industry. In excess of USD $670 billion is spent annually on the treatment of diabetes and associated illnesses – yet it continues to claim lives at a rate of five million a year. That’s why, every November, people from all over the world come together to highlight and promote greater understanding of the condition, with the ultimate goal of preventing and reducing diabetes and related health complications.

What is diabetes screening and why is it so important?

One of the most worrying aspects of diabetes is the number of individuals who are unknowingly living with the condition. Current estimations indicate that one in two adults with diabetes remains undiagnosed, increasing the likelihood of developing life-threatening diabetes-related health complication such as stroke, heart disease and kidney failure. Most of these undiagnosed cases are Type 2 diabetes.

Screening assesses your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes by considering a range of factors including your weight, age, family history and lifestyle.  It’s important for several reasons: not only is it a quick and easy first step to identifying those who are unknowingly living with the condition, it also provides an opportunity to stall or prevent the onset of diabetes before it takes hold.  Screening also helps with early diagnoses – the key to minimising the risk of developing more serious body complications.

How you can get involved in World Diabetes Day

If you want to do your bit to raise awareness of Type 2 Diabetes and help save lives, getting involved couldn’t be easier. Here are just a few ways you can show your support:

  • Hold a World Diabetes Day event 

    Team up with your local school, community group or sports club and hold a screening day, or organise an event at your workplace. Not sure how to go about it? Check out the WDD website – it’s packed with great event ideas and a downloadable WDD 2016 toolkit including posters, templates and other promotional materials you’ll need to encourage participation.  Don’t forget to submit your event on the WDD website and share your images from the day.

  • Promote the blue circle on social media 

    Wear the blue circle pin as a show of solidarity with the cause or download the blue circle selfie app, customise your social profile and share it with your networks. Don’t forget to use the campaign hashtags #testtoprevent #eyesondiabetes #WDD

  • Get tested for diabetes 

    If you haven’t already, get screened for diabetes and encourage your friends and loved ones to do the same. Be sure to photograph and share your experience on your social channels using the blue circle selfie app and campaign hashtags.

Want to know more? Read more on the World Diabetes Day website.


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