How to Enjoy Easter Without Ruining Your Diet

If you’re living with diabetes, Easter can be a tempting time of year – but there’s no need to fall off the diet wagon to get your sweet fix. We asked accredited dietitian Kate Save to provide her top tips on how to curb those pesky chocolate cravings, as well as a few of her favourite chocolate alternatives.

Kate’s top tips for controlling cravings

  1. Avoid skipping meals: 

    If you’re hungry because you’ve skipped breakfast or lunch, you’re much more likely to give in to your craving for something sweet. It’s important to start the day with a nutritious breakfast to resist consuming calorific mid-morning snacks.

  2. Avoid sugary breakfast cereals:

    Opt instead for something like a poached egg on wholemeal toast with a side of mushrooms – this will give you the slow-release carbohydrates that will see you through to lunchtime while the protein will also make you feel fuller for longer.

  3. Choose low GI carbohydrates:

    Keep hunger pangs at bay by maintaining your energy levels throughout the day. A healthy diet consisting of small portions of low GI (Glycemix Index)  carbohydrates like wholemeal bread and pasta, brown rice and regular consumption of lean proteins like fish, chicken, beans, nuts and legumes is ideal.

  4. Don’t be too hard on yourself: 

    If you do give in to your cravings every once in a while, it’s not the end of the world. In fact, if you completely eliminate forbidden treats from your diet, it can have the opposite effect by creating the urge to binge.

  5. Get active:

    Regular exercise is a great way to boost your mood, improve energy levels and reduce chocolate cravings. Try to exercise each day over the Easter break: take a brisk walk, go on a bike ride, or play a family game of beach cricket.

Four delicious, guilt-free Easter recipes

Kate Save suggests switching out traditional chocolate-laden, sugary Easter treats with these more nutritious alternatives – but remember, these should still be treated as ‘treat’ foods as opposed to everyday snacks.

  1. Choc-hazelnut protein balls:

    Who needs Easter eggs when you can snack on these delicious balls of goodness? With an extra protein punch thanks to the hazelnuts and naturally sweet Medjool dates in place of sugar, these little treats are eggstra-ordinarily good!

  1. Choc-raspberry trifle cups:

    If Easter makes you crave chocolate, these trifle cups are the perfect compromise. With a chocolicious custard made from avocado, cocoa powder and a splash of maple syrup, along with a generous helping of raspberries, you can get your choc fix while still benefiting from plenty of good fats and nutrients.

  1. Choc-banana frozen yoghurt:

    This cool and creamy treat combines fat-free yoghurt, bananas and raw cacao powder and is super simple to make. Just toss the ingredients in a blender, freeze overnight and voila!

  1. Cacao and chia muffins:

    If you find it hard to say no to a hot cross bun, try rustling up a batch of these portion-controlled low GI snacks instead. This guilt-free recipe is sugar-free as well as being a good source of dietary fibre and omega 3 fatty acids. Raw cacao nibs are a great alternative to milk chocolate chips as they still have that delicious chocolatey taste but without the sugar.


Instead of reaching for the Danish pastries, rustle up a batch of these wholesome snacks. Cacao-chip and chia muffins are low in sugar as well as being a goo...
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