Seven Foolproof Christmas Gifts for Dads with Diabetes

Dads aren’t always the easiest people to buy for. Let’s face it, there’s only so many pairs of socks and jocks you can buy a person. Throw diabetes into the mix and it becomes even harder.  Sweet treats and indulgences are out – and you can forget that bottle of expensive whisky.

If you’re at a loss for what to give your newly-diagnosed dad this Christmas, don’t panic. We’ve done all the hard work for you and compiled this handy festive gift guide. Packed with thoughtful gift ideas perfect for people living with diabetes, this list of pressies is guaranteed to keep his festive spirits up and his glucose levels down.

The Gadget Fan

If your dad’s a gadget-lover, then we have just three words for you: wearable fitness technology.  Indulge his love of all things techie while supporting him in improving his fitness levels by treating him to a fitness-tracking device (such as a Fitbit).  Not only will it enable him to track the steps, distance and calories burned throughout each day, he’ll feel empowered and motivated by even the simplest achievements and improvements.

The Kitchen Whizz

Just because you have diabetes doesn’t mean you have to give up your love of food or cooking. Inspire dad to get creative in the kitchen this Christmas, with some shiny new culinary tools that will turn even nutritional novices into kitchen whizzes.  Think soup-makers and nutri-bullets or a new set of professional chef’s knives that will have him chopping, blending and sauteeing his way to a healthier lifestyle.  Check out our healthy recipes section for extra inspiration.

The Foodie

Everyone loves a good gift hamper – but it doesn’t have to be loaded with sugary preserves, booze and biscuits. Buy your own basket and fill it with nutrient-packed snacks and healthy treats like fresh fruit, unsalted nuts and popcorn – the perfect antidote to all the excesses and temptations of the festive season.  Alternatively, check out one of the many companies that deliver fruit boxes direct to your door.

The Gardener

Encourage dad to get out in the fresh air and put those green thumbs to good use.  Provide him with everything he needs to create his own mini herb garden or vegetable patch – from packs of seedlings through to new gardening gloves and tools.  The best bit? You can all enjoy eating the fruits of his labour!

The Muso

Inspire dad to combine his love of music with his new, healthy lifestyle by treating him to a pair of sweat and water-resistant headphones, ideal for those long walks or jogs in the park.  Throw in a subscription to a music-streaming site like Spotify and sign him up to some epic workout playlists for extra fit-spiration.

The Sports Fan

If your dad’s a diehard sports fan, encourage him to spend less time spectating and more time participating with some brand spanking new gear.  Golf-lovers will be inspired to spend more time out on the fairway with a new driver or a set of personalised golf balls, while some new cycling gear could be just what he needs to get him back on the open road.

The Nature Lover

The gym isn’t always the most inspiring location to lose weight. Bushwalking is the perfect way for nature fans to up their fitness levels and set their own pace.  Motivate dad to spend more time in the great outdoors with a new backpack or pair of hiking boots. He can even count his steps with a pedometer to keep track and help with goal-setting.


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